June 22, 2023 Alec Guinness

2023-06-23 | 17:55:26

"I have a 1930's inner NE Portland home and the Dr did a great job in June 2023. They put in two roof vents for me, it took about 1 hour. I will be going back. If they leak I will update this review. Otherwise I will be their customer for a long time."
June 22, 2023 Cameron Conaway

2023-06-23 | 17:55:16

March 23, 2023 Robert Nesius

2023-04-12 | 22:09:35

"Have used Dr. Roof multiple times to address some issues on roof installed by another company. When it's finally time to replace it Dr. Roof will be my first choice. Easy to work with, responsive, professional, and knowledgeable and local to my area."
March 8, 2023 Sarah Radka

2023-04-12 | 22:09:27

"The new skylight looks awesome. The owner is very kind and easy to work with and the employees are all very kind. I am so happy with the work they did. Thank you Dr. Roof!"
January 25, 2023 Joshua Stromme

2023-02-17 | 14:30:32

"They do great work! I've had them here twice. Once to fix a leak and once to clean the gutters. Both jobs were done very well with no messes left behind. Both times they made it out here soon after my call. Prices seem totally reasonable to me. I'd definitely recommend them."
October 28, 2022 Kenny McLemore

2022-10-28 | 20:11:41

"Jason was prompt, courteous, generous with information and very helpful on my gutter problems. I really appreciate the years of experience this company brings to the work!"